Praise for Winter with God

J.I. Packer

“T.W.S. Hunt gives real help to those working their way through the winter he describes.”

— Theologian and best-selling author of Knowing God

S.C. Williams

“The combination of rich, poetic writing and practical, forthright questioning makes this book unique. It will warm the hearts of those in winter. ”

— Author of The Shaming of the Strong


Gary Thomas

“T. W. S. Hunt is the best of both worlds—a true writer and a true thinker. He is poetic in his expression, profound in his thought, and biblical in his passion. Winter with God displays moments of brilliance and creativity that mark the marvellous debut of a young, up-and-coming writer who deserves to be noticed and read.”

— Best-selling author of Authentic Faith and Sacred Marriage

Mike Mason

“T. W. S. Hunt has the three qualities I most value in a spiritual writer: honesty, depth, and verve. Winter with God crackles with surprising images, a lively play of language, and probing commitment to truth. An auspicious debut from a vibrant new voice!”

— Best-selling author of The Mystery of Marriage