Winter with God

This is a devotional book that won’t pull any punches. It doesn’t presuppose that God will show up. In fact, Winter with God deals as much with God’s absence as His presence. For this book is about the spiritual season of winter – a time when the light of faith has dimmed, and the warmth of love has cooled.

Written with a mystic’s heart, a scholar’s mind, and a poet’s pen, Winter with God is a profound meditation on the opportunities and challenges we face when our relationship with God seems dormant, endangered, or simply one-sided. Suitable for both long-time pilgrims and the newfound faithful (or faithless), Hunt offers a rich and compelling explanation for why winter with God – a season through which every soul must pass – is both the hardest season to experience, and the most rewarding to endure. 

The Way of Faith

The Way of Faith is a profound exploration - and perceptive explanation - for the true and often misunderstood nature of religious faith. Shifting the focus away from our feelings to what God feels, T.W.S. Hunt reminds us that true faithfulness is less about us experiencing God, and more about God experiencing us.

Written with exquisite style and extraordinary insight, this compact collection of forty meditations promises to be both revolutionary and revelatory. For it contemplates the ways in which our relationship with God is best measured, not by how close we feel to God, but how close God feels to us. And it challenges us to turn every aspect of our lives—ranging from hardship and happiness to our occupation and recreation—upward and outward, both in faith and in love.